Community Groups

At Fremont Alliance Church, we consider connecting with a small group of people is of great importance. Doing so promotes discipleship and community. Groups vary in location, meeting days, and times. You may join at any time. Check out even more ways to get involved on our events page.

Sunday Morning Community Groups

Send a message to group leaders online.

Prime Timer's C.G.
9am Church's Family Life Resource Center

Led by David Cech. Study of Jonah, Joel, & Amos.

(Legacy Aspiring Marriage Builders)

9am Church Room 207

God's Design For Marriage. Led by Roger and Deb Koertner.

Moseman C.G.
9am Video Conference Room

Led by Gary and Martha Moseman. Study of the life of Ezra & Nehemiah.

Adler C.G.
9am Room 207

Hebrews. Led by Tim Adler.

Adult Community Groups

Send a message to group leaders online.

Men's C.G.

Study of Matthew led by Tom Harmon. Every Wednesday at 7:15pm in Room 205 at Fremont Alliance Church.

Young Families

Raising kingdom kids, led by Ben and Jamie Adler. Hosted at the Stine's home, every second and fourth Sunday at 11:30am.

Huizenga's C.G.

Study of the 10 Commandments, led by Keith & Barb Huizenga, every second fourth Sunday at various homes at 6:30pm.

North Bend C.G.

Study of the forgotten God, led By Kirk & Karen Kavan at their home, every first and third Monday at 7:00pm.

East Fremont C.G.

Sermon response, led by Tom & Kitty Nevius at their home. Sunday after service, once per month, on days TBD.

Young Adults

Study "Unstuck", led by Jeremiah & Emily Sturgeon. Every second and fourth Monday at 6:30pm at Jeremy and Sarah Stine's home.